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Biking Essentials to Keep in your Car

containerI thought I would share some helpful tips that can and will make certain situations more enjoyable when it comes to your next bike training or triathlon race experience. Not all of us are fortunate enough to live or work within access of our favorite bike route or maybe you go out on group bike rides for training. No matter the situation, these triathlon tips will definitely come in handy, trust me they have for me, especially good ideas for beginner triathletes. I've learned from experiences and now never leave home without these items. Think of it as your triathlon training / racing emergency kit.

This item will make the following items less of a hassle in your car and help keep things organized.

• Having a clear container allows you to quickly see what's there and what might be missing.
• It makes it easy to move things in and out of your car if necessary, just make sure to put it back in before you go biking again.
• It helps centralize some of your biking essentials, without having to search for them in the house or garage.

When you do go to the bike store, you can check your container to see what spare parts you might need.

Bike Tool / Spare(s) /CO2 Cartridge(s) / Electrical tape
Spare Biking EssentialsFor the most part, some of these things should already be on your bike but it's always good to have spare items just in case no matter if you are going out on a training ride or before the start of your next triathlon event.

• What happens if you didn't notice the slow leak from your last ride? Having spare tires in your car comes in handy when you need to change one and still want to keep a spare in your bike bag.
• What if you forget to pick some a new tube or CO2 cartridge at the LBS before your next ride or your next triathlon event?
• You never know what you might have to tape down with Electrical Tape before your next ride, Gels, CO2's or some unraveling Bike Handle Bar Tape.

These are the essentials that we never seem to have enough of, plus it will cut down the number of visits to the bike store having several of them in your container.

Action Wipes / Monkey Grease Wipes
action wipes and monkey grease wipesKeep these items handy to clean yourself up after a ride or a race, besides you never know when you might have a mechanical issue.

• Action Wipes will help you freshen up after a ride for a post ride bite to eat or a beer. They are very useful after a race to wipe the grit off your face and stay fresh.
• If you don't have Monkey Grease Wipe in your bike bag, having them in your car once your done will help your get rid of the greasy mess.

The items are like wet wipes but both of these items come individually packaged and don't take up a lot of space in your container, plus you can add on the fly to your bike bag.


bike pumpBefore your ride or race, you need to make sure your tires are inflated to their optimal tire pressure. Either a full sized bike pump or a hand held one will come in handy.

• When it's in your car, you don't need to worry about leaving it in your garage, plus you always know where it is.
• You won't need to wait in line to get some air before the start of your next triathlon event.
• You forgot to restock your CO2 after using one, having a small hand help pump in your container will give your peace of mind when your stick it in your back jersey pocket.

This is the one item that might not fit in your container if it's a full sized bike pump.

Dry Clothes and a Towel
Dry clothes after a 3 hour bike or after a race on a hot and humid day are like stepping into paradise.

• In case you forget to pack something to change into after your activity. Make sure to have at least a full set of clothes to change into like T-shirt, Shorts or Sweats, Sock, Sandals or Running Shoes and/or a Hat.
• What happens if it ends up raining while you're out on the bike during your training or triathlon event? All of the clothes in transition could be wet, or you have leather seats and you still need to drive home.
• You never know when you might need to do a Houdini, get out of the clothes you are in and change into something else or something dry. Having a large towel in your container will help facilitate the change process.

Your drive home or your after race mingling will be much more pleasant.

tri101_be_money.jpgIf you are someone that never carries cash in your wallet, having a spare $20 will come in handy.

• If you are training for longer distances, it's always a good idea to have some spare cash or a debit card with you. If you are someone that hardly carries cash in your purse or wallet, having a spare $20 in your container will come in handy
• On race day, something might come up that might require you to visit the bike mechanic on-site (hopefully race organizers have one). The basic items or tweaks are usually free but you might require something a bit more complicated that might require a charge. Some don't accept plastic so having a spare $20 would come in handy if you don't have any cash in your wallet or purse.

I would recommend taping a small envelope to your container and storing the money in it and don't forget to replenish the money if you do end up using it.

All of these items might benefit you in your time of need but will also come in handy for any of your friends that don't have anything like this in their car. These are just some of the things I carry in my container; feel free to add anything else you might need like gels, gloves, etc. You can also incorporate some running items as well; just make sure to have a big enough container.