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Vernay Wins 4th & Lester 1st Ironman Australia Titles

patrick vernayPatrick Vernay wins his 4th consecutive Ironman Australia title while first time Ironman participant Carrie Lester completes and captures her 1st Ironman title ever beating defending champ Rebekah Keat at the 25th Anniversary of Ironman Australia.

It's Vernay's second Australian Ironman title in months as he also won Ironman Western Australia back in December. After the bike Vernay took control of the race on the run and until the lead was down to 45 seconds. That must have been what he needed because after that he pulled away and again beats out Scott Neyedli for the title. Neyedli also raced Ironman Western Australia and finished in second place as well. The other surprise of the day was third place finisher Trent Chapman, an amateur athlete beating out other pro's racing including Paul Ambrose and Tim Berkel.

Carries Lester is sure making things happen as of late. Back in February she won the Australian Long Course Championship and then took second place at Ironman 70.3 Geelong. She does the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon in March and takes fifth place. Today Lester stepped it up a notch and participated in her first Ironman race and beat defending champion Rebekah Keat and other pro's for title while running her first ever marathon.

2010 Ironman Australia Results:

   Men        Women  
1 - Patrick Vernay 8:23:54    1 - Carrie Lester 9:23:46
2 - Scott Neyedli 8:27:58    2 - Rebekah Keat 9:33:10
3 - Trent Chapman* 8:32:52    3 - Amelia Pearson 9:46:09
4 - Courtney Ogden 8:35:54    4 - Diana Riesler 9:57:04
5 - Matt White 8:36:39    5 - Kirsten Molloy 9:59:10
 * = Amatuer Athlete

Over 1,500 athletes took part in today's 25th Anniversary running of Ironman Australia, including original Ironman athlete Dave Orlowski.

Desiree Ficker was in contention during the run portion of the race, in third place at some point but must have suffered issues because she was nowhere near the front at the end of the race. She eventually did finish the race.

The athlete that seemed to receive the biggest coverage locally in Australia wasn't a professional triathlete; it was opposition leader Tony Abbott. Media coverage of Abbott's endeavor went on all day. He faced stiff remarks about his training leading up to the race, paying too much attention to training and not enough time on policy. The challenge of the day for the Opposition Leader was finishing, this not risking his reputation in the eyes of voters. His goal for the day was 14 hours. In the end it was a good day for the Opposition Leader amateur athlete as he finished and did come in just under 14 hours with a time of 13:57:01.

Another milestone in today's race was that of 59 year old school teacher Dave Ross. He's can now say that he's the only person to have completed every Ironman Australia race in its 25 year history, starting back in 1985.
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