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Trismarter.com Eat2Win $100 Off Promotion

eat2win logoIn the spirit of National Nutrition Month and Registered Dietitian Day (March 10, 2010), Trismarter.com is excited to offer $100 OFF any of their Eat2Win Sports Nutrition Services.

Eat2Win Sports Nutrition Services
 • Comprehensive Training Diet Analysis
 • Training Fuel Strategies (Sprint, Olympic, Half, Iron)
 • Race Day Preparation
 • Meal Planning Solutions
 • Weight Management for Peak Performance

This $100 off promotion is applicable to any new clients limited to the first month of any Eat2Win monthly services. This offer expires at midnight on March 12, 2010.

Take a look at the Trismarter.com Sports Nutrition Team and contact them today for more information or to find out which service is right for you. Mention "$100 OFF" to take advantage of this special offer!

At Trismarter.com, we celebrate the journey along with our clients from start to finish.

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