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Tifosi Fototec Sunglasses Reviewed

tifosis fototec sunglassesAre you the kind of person who has multiple colors of sunglass lenses lying around? A pair in the car, in the kitchen drawer, and, hopefully, a pair right next to your workout gear. If this is the case, Tifosi's Fototec sunglasses might be a way for you to get simplified. Read on to find out.

Instead of changes lenses with every change in weather, Tifosi's Fototec line of sunglasses are equipped with Variable Tint Technology, darkening your lenses when in contact with UV rays. The lenses darken in roughly 12 seconds, and return to their original color in two minutes, making these glasses perfect suitable for early morning workouts when the sun will be glaring in your eyes in no time. Tifosi's V.V.T. technology makes swapping lenses a thing of the past.

The lenses come in a variety of colors based on your outdoor needs; a couple good choices for runners and cyclist are The Light Night Fototec lenses and the High Speed Red Forotec lenses. The Light Night lenses offer the widest V.T.T range of 85% - 19.5% light Transmission. Light Night shifts from a clear base tint to a smoke tint making it ideal choice for the enthusiast seeking a highly versatile lens. The High Speed red color is great option for cycling, since it was developed with input from road cyclist and auto racing sponsorships, it provides 35% to 12% light transmission with a color filter tailored for pavement use.

Tifosi Product Features Include
 • Hydrophilic Rubber Nose Pieces & Adjustable Temples
 • Stay Fit Ear Pad
 • Lifetime Warranty
 • Polycarbonate Decentered Lens for Optical Clarity
 • Glare Guard™ Glare Reducer to Decrease Eye Fatigue
 • 100% UVA & UVB Protection
 • All Tifosi Eyewear includes a case & microfiber cleaning bag

Seems like the cat's out of the bag, according to Leisure Trends, the leader in specialty retail market intelligence and market research, Tifosi was the number one brand in the Run Specialty Sunglasses category in both dollars and units sold in 2009.

The Tifosi Fototec sunglasses line are a great solution for all athletes that will be outside for long periods of time and can not deal with the hassle of changing lenses. That's not all, they also make great sunglasses for triathletes as the venting technology keeps you fog free and cool. The nose and ear pieces have hydrophilic rubber and are designed to increase grip when you start to sweat. So if you're looking for a pair of sports sunglasses that fit your active lifestyle, look no further, as Tifosi's Fototec will save you tons of time digging around the house finding the right lenses.

Pictured sunglasses: Tifosi Tyrant High Speed Red Fototec Sunglasses

Author: Maikel van de Mortel, Co-Founder & Owner ThreeTriathlon.com, Avid triathlete and Ironman finisher
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