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Triathlon Blurbs: XLAB, Aquaman, Look

We come across new triathlon related items all the time. Some are prototypes while others are available for you right now. So what we'll do with this feature is to just give you a glimpse of recently discovered / upgraded triathlon related products or services

• what's new
• what to look forward to
• what to start saving your money for

A blurb is just a short written piece about something. So we decided to call this new TRIJUICE feature Triathlon Blurbs!

Here are two new items for your bike and one for your swim from XLAB, Aquaman and Look.

xlab torpedo mountItem: XLAB Torpedo Mount
Details: The XLAB aero bar water bottle hydration mount allows you to mount a water bottle in the horizontal position compared to the vertical position of other front mounted water bottles. It's ideal for 20km or 40km distances in Time Trials / Triathlons. The mount is made of non-stretch polyester straps and Carbon fiber and only weighs 25g. You will still need to mount a water bottle cage to the mount, maybe either the XLAB Torpedo cage ($49.95) or the XLAB Chimp cage ($54.95) or any other cage.
MSRP: $44.95
Website: www.xlab-usa.com

aquaman flash systemItem: Aquaman Flash System
Details: Aquaman, who's been into triathlon wetsuits since 1983 makes its mark with the Flash System. The Flash System allows the swimmer to open the zipper with one hand. Their new innovation saves time and makes it easier to remove the wetsuit. Their system also provides additional protection to the back of the neck and prevents any Velcro to skin contact. The Flash System is now available on the Cell Gold and Bionik wetsuits.
MSRP: $465 - $630
Website: www.aquamantri.com

look keo bladeItem: Look Kéo Blade Carbon Ti
Details: The new design of the Kéo Blade Carbon TI pedal is based upon a carbon blade that allows 30% more resistance than a Kéo carbon when the cleat exits the pedal in the moment disengagement. The compressed carbon blade on the Look Kéo Blade makes the pedal very secure and completely removes tension adjustments. The pedals also feature a platform that is 31% larger and 17% wider than a Kéo carbon for added efficiency and stability. The Kéo Blade Ti is available with two different release resistance blades: Version 12 for the all-around resistance and Version 16 for riders desiring more retention. The weight per pedal is 95g.
MSRP: $499.00
Website: www.lookcycle.com
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