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Three New Spinervals DVD's Released

spinervals 33 34 35Looking for results this season or some variety on your bike workouts? This might help you out. Coach Troy Jacobson has released 3 new Spinervals DVD's in the Competition Series to add to your indoor cycling DVD collection. Spinervals Competition workouts will increase your power output, pedaling technique, and speed.

Each bike training DVD is designed to focus on an important energy system to make you a stronger and faster cyclist for the upcoming season.

DVD: Spinervals 33.0 - The Pain Cave
Duration: 50 Minutes     Intensity: 9.8
Purpose: An Interval Workout Designed for Performance Cycling

Description: The Pain Cave will build your speed, endurance and power on the bike. Starting off with some aerobic work involving pedaling technique drills, you'll gradually build intensity through the workout with threshold work and finish up with leg burning sprints for maximum power development!

DVD: Spinervals 34.0 - Super High Intensity Training!
Duration: 55 Minutes     Intensity: 9.8
Purpose: Improve your Lactate Threshold and Power!

Description: Super High Intensity Training is the 'meat and potatoes' of interval training for performance cycling. You'll go through a progressive series of sets focused on building your lactate threshold to the next level for faster cycling times at your next race.

DVD: Spinervals 35.0 - Cycling Technique Focus
Duration: 50 Minutes     Intensity: 8.5
Purpose: Improve your Pedaling Efficiency for Faster Cycling!

Description: This workout focuses primarily on drills designed to improve your pedaling technique and efficiency. High cadence work and one leg drills help to polish the efficiency of your pedaling technique, enabling the rider to produce maximum speeds at their present power output.

These new DVD workouts were filmed in Minnesota and feature elite athletes from the Gear West Triathlon Team, Life Time Fitness Cycling Club and others from the Minnesota Cycling and Multisport community. Professional triathlete David Thompson, who lives in MN and is known as one of the fastest cyclists in the sport of triathlon took part in the filming of the videos.

You can buy each DVD title separately at $29.95 or buy the 3-Pack for $74.95. You can visit www.spinervals.com or your local bike / triathlon shop to get your copy of these new DVD's from Coach Troy Jacobson.
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