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Ironman Malaysia, Granger Three-peats, Vanhoenacker Wins

immalaysia2.jpgThe first Ironman race of 2010 kicked-off today in Langkawi, Malaysia. It's never and easy race in Malaysia but Belinda Granger has the experience and the strength today to THREE-PEAT!; she wins her third consecutive Ironman Malaysia title. Just as impressive is Marino Vanhoenacker winning his 7th Ironman career title with his victory here. In hot conditions, Vanhoenacker and Granger dominated on the bike and held on through the run for the victories.

Its good to see both Vanhoenacker and Granger on top today since both athletes finished the year off with disappointing races in Kona, both finishing the day with DNF's.

2010 Ironman Malaysia Results:

     Men          Women  
1 - Marino Vanhoenacker 8:22:31    1 - Belinda Granger 9:23:33
2 - Hiroyuki Nishiuchi 8:50:52    2 - Edith Niederfriniger 9:35:02
3 - Romain Guillaume 8:54:38    3 - Hillary Biscay 10:10:59
4 - Justin Granger 9:01:08    4 - Ariane Monticeli 10:15:17
5 - Andreas Venhorst 9:12:03    5 - Jocelyn Wong 10:20:32

The new Ironman Professional Membership Program rules require athletes to finish within 5% of the winner's time to win a qualifying spot to Kona and within 8% of the winner's time to earn prize money. How did that play out today?

  • Hiroyuki Nishiuchi finished in 2nd but wasn't close enough to Vanhoenacker to win a Kona slot
  • Justin Granger who placed 4th managed to finish in time to claim a prize money
  • Hilary Biscay finished in 3rd today but just a couple of minutes shy of claiming prize money

Defending Ironman Malaysia Champ Luke Mckenzie and Rebecca Preston both from Australia made it out on to the bike course today but ended the day with a DNF.

You can see Ironman Malaysia race coverage, pictures and results here: ironman.com/coverage/?race=malaysia&year=2010

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