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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

aqua sphere kayenne goggleCHOICE, the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia, conducted a trial of 17 swimming goggles. They tested goggles from big box retailers to specialty swim retailers. Fifteen swimmers were recruited to test the goggles, and were given ample time to adjust their goggles before swimming 100 meters of freestyle. After the two laps they rated the goggles on how easily adjustable, watertight, fog-free and comfortable they found them. The top scorer in the test was the Italian made Aqua Sphere's Kayenne goggle.

The Kayenne offers oversized lenses with Aqua Sphere patented curve lens technology, which provides a 180 degree field of vision. The goggles fit close to the face for low drag hydrodynamic performance. They also have a one-touch buckle making them easy to fit to your face. The goggles include UV protection, leak resistance, anti-fog and scratch resistant lenses. They also come in a women's version for smaller faces.

The following four criteria were used to rate the goggles and may be helpful information for you to know before making your next goggle purchase.

Anti-fog Lenses
The inner surface of anti-fog goggle lenses are coated with plastic additives during manufacturing to prevent condensation.

Molded or fixed frame
Adjustable frame Swimming goggles have either adjustable frames that consist of separate eyecups connected by adjustable and/or removable nosepieces, or molded/fixed frames with non-adjustable nosepieces.

Silicone or Non-silicone eyecups or gaskets
The eyecups or gaskets have the most contact with your face and determine how comfortable and watertight the goggles are. Most of the higher-priced goggles have silicone eyecups.

When you see TPR (thermoplastic rubber) or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) on the goggles packaging, it refers to the synthetic material, which is a combination of plastic and rubber. Eyecups may also be made from polyvinylchloride (PVC), which is commonly found in the lower-priced goggles.

The Italians are known for the best handbags, shoes, fashion designers, cars and now they are known for the best swimming goggles. Three Triathlon carries the full line of Aqua Sphere goggles, including the top rated Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles.

Read the full report here: www.choice.com.au

Author: Melanie Glover, Founder & Owner ThreeTriathlon.com, Avid triathlete and Ironman finisher
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