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Speedo’s New Triathlon Suit, the LZR Racer Tri-Pro

Speedo LZR Racer Tri-ProSpeedo is launching the LZR Racer Tri-Pro suit, aiming to do for triathlon, what the LZR Racer did for swimming. The suit from Speedo's Aqualab was developed to deliver exceptional performance across ALL sport stages in a Triathlon.

The world's lightest woven swim fabric know as LZR Pulse-Flow has been re-engineered specifically to perform exceptionally in the swim, bike and run stages. Something that will be appealing to all triathletes are some of the facts: the suit is 42% lighter than the nearest competitor suit when wet, and nearly 26% lighter when dry and it dries nearly twice as fast. The fabric is also highly compressive, wind resistant and hydrophobic.

Other features of the new suit include:
• The ergonomically upper body profile fit allows full shoulder movement. The shoulder straps spread the intrinsic stretch of the suit providing extra comfort.

• The LZR Pulse-Flow fabric is up to 30% thinner which helps decrease heat retention. While the Tri-Zone fabric* is up to 8 times more wickable that the nearest competitor and is positioned in areas of highest sweat accumulation to speed up evaporation and increase comfort.

• Suit legs are engineered with a single seam to minimize friction and chafe. While the leg hems contain silicone gripper strips for ideal positioning.

• The suit features gender specific molded performance padding which is optimized to provides full leg movement in the Swim and Run phases. Ergonomically shaped foam, heat sealed contouring and minimal water absorption is designed to provide maximum comfort in the all phases.

• The nutrition pocket is optimized in size and positioning for ease of access while in motion with an aerodynamic overlap closure to eliminate pocket inflation.

• Both the LZR Pulse-Flow and Tri-Zone fabrics offer 50+ UPF protection.

• LZR Pulse-Flow fabric has highly compressive qualities which will provide leg compression that in turn will minimize muscle vibration.
* Applies to Body Suits & Singlets only

The new LZR Racer Tri-Pro suit is aimed at the serious triathletes who are looking for a high performance suit that provides a balance between speed and comfort.

The LZR Racer Tri-Pro suit will be offered as a one piece Tri Suit, as well as a Tri Singlet and Tri Shorts for those who prefer a two piece outfit while racing. It will come in both Men's and Women's sizes. No release date has been given for the new LZR Racer Tri-Pro suits but they should be avaialble soon at www.speedo.com. An entry level suit will be launched by Speedo next year and will be targeted at those who prefer a little more cushioning and a lower price.

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