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New iPhone & iPod Touch App for Triathletes - 1stTimeTri

1sttimetri_img1_sm.jpgHave you ever wanted to complete a triathlon but didn't know what exactly to do, well now they have an app for that!

JammyCo has announced the release of the company’s first iPhone and iPod Touch App for triathletes, First Time Triathlon(1stTimeTri). 1stTimeTri provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and affordable training program Apps for beginning triathletes. Now no matter where you are, you'll have the information needed to train for a triathlon in the palm of your hands. The iPhone & iPod Touch App sells for $9.99 USD. 1stTimeTri on iTunes

“Triathlons can be tough to prepare for on your own,” said JammyCo President Jamima Wolk. “You have to train in three different disciplines and put them all together on race day. 1stTimeTri can serve as a helpful and affordable coach.”

1stTimeTri provides a 12-week workout plan to prepare individuals for a sprint / short distance triathlon with a day-by-day training schedule based on one’s level of expertise in each sport, you can even choose which day you want to rest. It also offers over 20 invaluable “Triathlon Tips From A Pro” and comprehensive training resources, covering such topics as proper form, equipment, race strategy, workout guidelines, and nutrition. NOTE: They are in the process of developing other apps, possibly for other distances so stay tuned.

Some of the app’s distinctive features are:
- A full 12-week training plan with detailed daily workouts.
- A training plan customized to your ability level. You can choose whether you are at a beginning or intermediate level in each sport of swimming, biking and running.
- A training program also customized to your scheduling needs, allowing you to choose the one “Rest Day” a week that you want.
- Over 20 invaluable “Triathlon Tips From A Pro.”
- A glossary to help you learn about various triathlon related terms and lingo.
- Comprehensive training resources, covering such topics as proper form, equipment, race strategy, workout guidelines, and nutrition.
- Track your training progress as you complete each workout.

The comprehensive training resources section covers these important topics:
Getting Started: A short description about sprint triathlons, what your training schedule will entail and how to find an event to participate in.
Training Guidelines: We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned, so in this section we list some tips on what to do if you miss a workout.
HR/RPE Guidelines: HR/RPE Guidelines: This section will help you determine the intensity levels which you should be working out at, using either the Heart Rate (HR) Training or the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) method.
Swimming, Cycling, and Running Notes: This section contains a detailed description of your workouts.
Nutrition Notes: This section discusses what you should consume before, during, and after your workout for optimal performance.
Transition Notes: This section provides strategies for smooth transitions.
Race Day Notes: This section contains what to expect on race day and how to prepare for it.

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The App was developed by Jamima Wolk, a former professional triathlete and triathlon coach. She started competing as a professional in 2000 and retired in 2007. Her race resume includes everything from sprint to Ironman distance races.

For more details, check out the 1stTimeTri web page: www.jammyco.com/first-time-triathlon