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Vanhoenacker Wins 4th Consective Ironman Austria Title

It seems that Belgian Marino Vanhoenacker just loves Klagenfurt, Austria. Today he pulled of off what he's done the last three years, a victory at Ironman Austria. The 33 year old did something that's sort of uncommon in Ironman racing, he won a fourth consecutive Ironman title at the same race. Not only was it his fourth consecutive title but he also set a new course record with his victory. Vanhoenacker's victory was the second title of the day for the Commerzbank Triathlon Team (previously the Kleinwort Triathlon Team).

On the women's side, another impressive sub-9 hour time for Bella Bayliss give her the victory this time. Bayliss, last year's runner-up had a 8:51:17 but finished in second place behind Sandra Wallenhorst amazing 8:47:26. Today Bayliss ended the day with an 8:50:13 and win's her second Ironman title of 2009.
2009 Ironman Austria Results:

     Men          Women  
1 - Marino Vanhoenacker 8:01:38*    1 - Bella Bayliss 8:50:13
2 - James Cunnama 8:14:18    2 - Sonja Tajsich 8:59:45
3 - Stephan Bayliss 8:17:06    3 - Lucie Zelenkova 9:07:24
4 - Bernhard Hiebl 8:22:08    4 - Eva Dollinger 9:23:17
5 - Frederik Van Lierde 8:26:58    5 - Nicole Woysch 9:29:37
* - Course Record         

Link to 2009 Ironman Austria Race Coverage.

Additional Race Coverage:
- A remarkable day of racing in Klagenfurt [via Ironman.com]

Björn Andersson paid the price for trying to cut the gap on Vanhoenacker and ended the day with a DNF.
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