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Put a Stop to Stinky Running & Cycling Shoes with Stuffitts

stuffitts shoe saversAs triathletes, our shoes bear the burden of our training / racing regimen. All that sweat we generate stays trapped in our running and cycling shoes and creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which then makes a normally pleasant smelling shoe STINK! Once that happens, those shoes will probably never make it back into your house or stay in your car because of the smell.

Drifeat, the company behind Stuffitts Shoe Savers now has new and improved shoe stuffer inserts to prevent all of that. Stuffitts Shoe Savers are 100% cedar-filled shoe stuffer inserts in the shape of a foot that remove moisture and eliminate shoe odor in all types of footwear. Stuffitts dry shoes 25 times faster than air drying alone*, eradicating odor by absorbing moisture and creating an inhospitable environment for the source of shoe odor, bacteria. After a workout, a triathlon or long day at work, simply insert Stuffitts into your shoe to stop moisture in its tracks.

• Made from advanced wicking material, the patented technical fabric consists of two 2 distinct layers thereby accelerating absorption
• Washable outer cover (zippered heel allows self-contained cedar insert to be removed so external fabric can be washed)
• Replaceable 100% Eastern Red Cedar insert
• 36” detachable strap for convenience and to prevent loss
• Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
• Three colors available: Black, Blue, and Red
• Four limited edition camouflage patterns: Desert, Green, Purple and Red
• Sold for $24.99 at specialty running stores and online at www.stuffitts.com

Keep your running and cycling shoes dry and smelling like new with a pair of Stuffitts. Heck, you could even save some money by not having to replace your shoes because they stink before it's time to replace them for wear and tare.

* - Internal testing results - currently being independently tested by Applied Technical Services, Inc. (Marietta, GA)

Stuffitts Shoe Savers were created out of necessity by Mike Huebner in 2007 while training for a marathon.