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Buffalo Triathlon Results with Terenzo Bozzone

On Sunday I was hanging out at the Buffalo Triathlon, cheering and taking pictures at the event. It was a chilly day for all as the race day temp at the start of the race was hovering around the 48 to 50 degrees mark. Athletes were happy to hear that the water temperature was at least 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Warmer expectations were smashed once athletes headed out on the bike as wind and drizzle made it feel even colder that it really was. In all, athletes made the best of it to cross the finish line, including Terenzo Bozzone who was the special guest. I managed to snag a picture with him after the race.

"The race on Sunday was a good challenge. I really struggled to find my rhythm throughout, as my body didn’t like the icy weather. It was about 45’F/ 6’C, which is a typical winter day back home in New Zealand. But now I feel soft complaining because I heard that the Nordic skiing team here trains and races in -30’F in the winter—crazy! The pace was on from the start of the swim. I managed to get away and keep a small lead for the rest of the race to hold on for the win, but 2nd place was under 2 minutes back and 3rd close behind." - Terrezo [via blog.fastertomorrow.com]

2009 Buffalo Triathlon Results:

     Men          Women  
1 - Terenzo Bozzone 1:59:50    1 - Kortney Haag 2:18:31
2 - Matthew Payne 2:01:16    2 - Katherine McCann 2:19:16
3 - Jonathan Balabuck 2:02:33    3 - Heidi Keller Miler 2:20:25
4 - Patrick Parish 2:04:05    4 - Brook Mutzenberger 2:20:58
5 - Steve Sander 2:05:16    5 - Susan Williams 2:21:00

Use this link for a complete listing of all the results from the Buffalo Triathlon.

Walking around the event area, it was cool to see and hear people talking about Terenzo. Of course some of the comments from the women were "he's hot!" while the comments from the guys were "sweet bike" or "even his aero bar water bottle is aero dynamic". I smiled when I heard an older gentleman mention to another that he was really surprised to her that Terenzo flew in from New Zealand to race. I didn't spoil the small town buzz and excitement by telling them that he lives in California right now. Terenzo is definitely a friendly world class athlete as he stopped and talked with people that stopped him or just wanted to get a picture with him.

It seems that once Terenzo cleaned up and warmed up he had time to enjoy the rest of his stay with a movie according to his Twitter post "The Hangover movie....an absolute must see, didnt stop laughing!" @Terenzo on twitter.com

Terenzo will be heading out East this weekend to race in the Eagleman Ironman 70.3 Triathlon on Sunday June 14th.
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