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The New Bontrager Aero Race Pack Water Bottle

bontrager aero race packAre you looking for an aerobar water bottle that will stay in place, keep your drink cool, is easy to refill on the fly and doesn't get in the way of your bike computer, if so then you need to look at this new product from Bontrager.

The new, innovative Aero Race Pack aerobar water bottle from Bontrager has many design features that make it unique.

It has velcro straps on the pack that make it a perfect fit on any width aerobar setup. The race pack has an insulated cover that wraps around the 20oz bottle that helps protects your nutritional liquids from getting too hot. The innovative cap design on the bottle allows you to fill the bottle without getting off your bike, saving you precious time during your race. Aerobars are a nice place to mount bike computers which can sometime limit the use of an aerobar water bottle but don't worry these guys though of everything, there’s even a bike computer mount.

Bontrager Aero Race Pack - MSRP: $49.99