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FREE Off Season Guide to Triathlon from Endurance Nation

enebook_offseasonguide.jpgEndurance Nation presents their latest triathlon production -- a free 20+ page PDF that outlines how to best structure your winter training to achieve the maximum impact using Endurance Nation's unique training protocols. On Oct 19, over 200 Endurance Nation members and fans attended a free webinar on off-season training. Rich and Patrick ebookified the experience and now offer to you for FREE. The Off Season Guide includes:

• The official Out Season eBook.
• The slides from our Out Season Webinar.
• The accompanying audio from the Out Season Webinar — over one hour - featuring interviews of Endurance Nation athletes relating their experiences with our flavor of Out-Season training.
• You can download the eBook here!

Inside Endurance Nation, there is nothing "off" about the OUT-Season. You are still training, but we are no longer focused on building your endurance (Far). Instead, we have learned through our years of coaching hundreds of age groupers just like you, this time of year is the best time to build your speed (Fast). Our approach to Out-Season training is considered by many to be downright "radical." Open a triathlon magazine or check your email between October and February and you'll be met with a constant stream of messages that have been recycled year after year, until they've become firmly woven into the very fabric of our sport. Endurance Nation is on a mission to erase these misconceptions by helping triathletes build better seasons by becoming much faster in the Out-Season.

In last year's Out-Season cycle, 82 athletes had the following results on 6-8 hours of training per week:

• Avg 10k Improvement: 2:30
• Avg Half Marathon Improvement: 4:47
• Avg Bike Functional Threshold Power (FTP) gain: 15%
• Avg Power-to-Weight (w/kg) gain: 15.7%

These athletes then built their endurance, their Far, on top of this foundation of speed. The results? Massive PR's, Kona slots, and podium finishes! But don't just take our word for it...download the FREE Guide and see for yourself why we recommend that triathletes:

• Ignore the advice of every triathlon magazine from October through February!
• Get out of the weight room!
• Stop swimming!
• Start riding and running fast NOW, and much more!
• You can download the eBook here!

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Endurance Nation provides affordable training plans and learning resources to age group triathletes. Our products are supported by an online community of triathletes focused on learning, networking, and training. In less than a year, we have grown to over 400 athletes. Join us online or check us out in November 2008 when we descend on Ironman Florida to support our team. Learn more here.