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Last Week 2nd in Louisville, Today 1st in Wisconsin for Chris McDonald

chris mcdonaldThe Ironman motto is "Anything is Possible" and the generic grueling sports saying goes "No Pain, No Gain!". Today in Madison, Wisconsin it was a little bit of both as two pro triathletes pulled off an amazing feat just a week after participating in Ironman Louisville. Chris McDonald and Hillary Biscay proved today that they are definitely IRON TOUGH as they pulled off the amazing feat by both winning the Ironman titles at Ironman Wisconsin today. WOW!

Last weekend on a hot and humid day in Louisville McDonald was leading the race trying to defend his Ironman title when Maximilian Longree passed him around mile 13 on the run. Little by little the heat took a toll on him and he ended up finishing in 2nd place. McDonald wasn't planning on participating today but his friend and Team TBB teammate Biscay dared him into doing the race, just like she was planning on doing. It proved to be the best advice as McDonald wins his second Ironman title. The weather was a definite plus for McDonald today as he ran a 2:56 marathon versus a 3:19:48 last weekend. He finishes the day twelve minutes ahead of second place finisher Serge Meyer, Jason Shortis finishes in third place. In the post race interview McDonald said he now owes Biscay a beer for the crazy dare.

Biscay was also a contender last weekend in Louisville but ended up finishing in 4th place. She has always been an Ironman contender, always finishing in the top 5 even with the busy schedule she maintains but has always fallen short of the top spot. Her determination and patience paid off today as she wins her first Ironman title in the final miles of the marathon in Madison, finishing ahead of 2nd place finisher Karin Gerber. Biscay was leading well into the marathon when Gerber passed her but Biscay stayed tough while Gerber was running out of steam and overtook her with just over a mile to go! Jessica Jacobs had the fastest marathon of the day on the women’s and gained ground on the leaders but finished in third place today.

2008 Ironman Wisconsin Results:

     Men          Women  
1 - Chris McDonald 8:43:29    1 - Hillary Biscay 9:47:25
2 - Serge Meyer 8:55:50    2 - Karin Gerber 9:49:46
3 - Jason Shortis 8:59:14    3 - Jessica Jacobs 9:50:45
4 - Bernhard Keller 8:59:39    4 - Heidi Jesberger 10:02:18
5 - Markus Fachbach 9:01:56    5 - Lauren Jensen 10:07:39

Both Biscay and McDonald are coached by Brett Sutton from Team TBB. What an overall day it was for the team as five of them were victorious today. Biscay and McDonald today in Madison, Stephen Bayliss and Bella Comerford both winning Ironman UK and Nicola Spirig winning the title at the Ironman 70.3 Monaco race.

The day turned out to be better than expected as the pre-race forecast called for a 60% chance of rain.

- McDonald and Biscay weren't the only crazy ones today in Madison as 26 year old Zach Ruble also attempted the back-to-back double. Last week he finished in 6th place while today he managed to hang in there and finished in 7th place.

- Wisconsin’s own mom Lauren Jensen hung on to finish in fifth place today in the professional women's field.

- What a day it was for 22 year old Jason Maurice of Iowa. He finished with a time of 9:15:12 and was 11th overall on the men's side.

- Amazing elder, 74-year-old Roger Brockenbrough crosses the finish line in a time of 14:15:13. Frank Farrar who is 79 started the day but appears to have called it quits or didn't make the bike cut-off. Before the race Farrar mentioned he might not finish today because he's battling an injury. Too bad, since it's always an inspiration to see him finish around the midnight hour.

Additional race coverage:
- Biscay and McDonald win in Madison [via Ironman.com]
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