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Ironman Couple Does It Again, this Time at Ironman UK

Ironman Couple and Team TBB members Stephen Bayliss and Bella Comerford do it again, this time in Sherborne as they both take the win at Ironman UK. It's been an amazing year for the couple, back in April, the couple both were victorious at Ironman South Africa (Ironman Couple Bayliss and Comerford Win in South Africa).

It's the second Ironman title for Bayliss, both which have occurred this year. Bayliss betters his second place finish from last year. Last year’s defending champion Scott Neyedli took second place.

Pre-race favorite Comerford defends her title with the win and takes her third Ironman title of 2008, she won Ironman South Africa in April and then Ironman Lanzarote in May.

2008 Ironman UK Results:

     Men          Women  
1 - Stephen Bayliss 8:53:59    1 - Bella Comerford 9:49:07
2 - Scott Neyedli 9:04:30    2 - Heike Funk 10:24:41
3 - Andreas di Bernardo 9:08:25    3 - Susanne Buckenlei 10:28:42
4 - Spencer Smith 9:13:34    4 - Yvette Grice 10:35:08
5 - Nick Saunders 9:18:25    5 - Monika Stadlmann 10:35:27

The couple is due to marry later this year.

Additional Race Coverage:
- IRONMAN UK - Bayliss and Comerford takes the titles [via TRI247.com]
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