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Xterra Wetsuits 50% Off Olympic Special

Need a wetsuit??? Here is your chance to get a deal on a new one...

Well, Xterra Wetsuits has gotten into the Olympic spirit with an awesome deal on their wetsuits which they are labeling the fastest* wetsuits in the world. Their Olympic Special is for 50% OFF their full line of wetsuits, Vendetta (MSRP: $595), Vector Pro X2 (MSRP: $550), Vortex 2 (MSRP: $395) and their Velocity speedsuit (MSRP: $250).

All of the wetsuits they offer have characteristics such as Flexibility, Buoyancy and Durability that makes each one then unique, perfect for both training and racing, or for those athletes who race every weekend. They also offer sleeveless wetsuits also called John’s in both the Vector Pro X2 and Vortex 2 lines.

This offer is only available when ordered online at: xterrawetsuits.com
Enter referral code: AUG50
Offer expires September 10, 2008

* = First out of the water at the Ironman World Championships 2007 and 70.3 World Championships 2007 races.