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Jan Frodeno Wins Gold as Gomez Runs Out of Steam

jan frodeno gold medalThe 2008 Beijing Olympic Men's Triathlon event ended with a nice sprint to the finish line between Canada's Simon Whitfield and Germany's Jan Frodeno. Frodeno snags the Gold medal with his final strides to finish ahead of Whitfield who gets the Silver. Bevan Docherty of New Zealand hung in there to win the Bronze medal. The top ranked triathlete in the world Javier Gomez of Spain was right there at the end but ran out of steam as the final sprint started and finished in fourth place just ahead of teammate Ivan Raña.

The men's triathlon race today proved to be a bit more exciting at the end compared to the blow out experienced yesterday in the women's race.

2008 Beijing Olympic Men's Triathlon Event Results:

Gold Jan Frodeno (GER) 1:48:53
Silver Simon Whitfield (CAN) 1:48:58
Bronze Bevan Docherty (NZL) 1:49:05

Shane Reed of New Zealand pretty much lead the entire swim, was first out of the water and was first out of T1. From then on the lead on the six loop bike course flip-flopped until midway through a breakaway pack of three formed (Dirk Bockel, Axel Zeebroek and Francisco Serrano). The three had a 44 second lead over the chase group at the end of lap 5. Bockel and Zeebroek dropped Serrano as they increased the lead to 52 second going into T2.

The two continued leading the race at the end of the first loop on the run but the lead had drop to 19 seconds. A nice group over took the two on the second loop and pushed the pace thinning the lead pack which included today’s winner and others like Alistair Brownlee of Great Britain and Rasmus Henning. At the start of the last loop the pack was down to 4 (Gomez, Frodeno, Docherty and Whitfield) with others closing in like Daniel Unger of Germany. Whitfield seemed to fade as the other three advanced on the final climb into the event staging area but that was a tactical move to throw the leaders off. It seemed like it would be a three person race for the Gold medal but once Whitfield threw his visor off it was all systems go and the chase began. Gomez looked good and in control as Whitfield was playing catch up but then Whitfield passed the three to take the lead going into the turn around. Gomez seemed to fade as Frodeno and Docherty turned up the heat and began the final chase with Whitfield. Whitfield who was the Gold medal winner at the inaugural men's triathlon event in Sydney lost a bit of steam himself as Frodeno turned it up a notch right at the end to take the win.

simon whitfield silver

Hunter Kemper was the top American today finishing in 7th place, 55 seconds behind Frodeno. He was out in front on the swim and towards the front of the pack on the bike. Jarrod Shoemaker who was towards the back of the lead pack on the bike the whole time finished in 18th place while Matt Reed finished in 32nd place.

Weather conditions looked nice. You could see blue skies but with a touch of smog. It seemed like the heat was on during the run athletes where cooling off as much as possible with bottles of water and sponges.

Again, there was no live coverage of the Men's Triathlon event on NBC but they did provide streaming live video coverage on the internet for viewers to see. It almost was like watching a silent chase film because there was no commentary, the only sound you could hear was the helicopter and the fans along the event cheering the athletes on.

Watch the Olympic Men's Triathlon video here: http://www.nbcolympics.com/video/share.html?videoid=1321544

See the overall results: http://www.nbcolympics.com/triathlon/resultsandschedules/rsc=TRM001100/index.html