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Aqua Sphere and Ironman Unite as Leaders in Triathlon

Partnership to bring new technology to triathlete’s wetsuits

Vista, CA (August 2008) - Aqua Sphere, the leader in high-end, innovative swim products, has partnered with Ironman, the leading triathlon brand, to create an unrivaled line of performance open-water swimming wetsuits.

The collaboration, announced today, combines Aqua Sphere’s high-industry standards and commitment to innovative design with Ironman’s experience and dedication to triathlon – a partnership that will soon deliver a new line of wetsuits specially engineered to maximize an athlete’s performance.

Aqua Sphere, known primarily throughout triathlon circles for its popular Seal and Vista swimming masks and Kaiman goggles, has been an Ironman championship sponsor since 2001, and the sole swim sponsor for both Christof Wandratsch, the former Ironman Swim World Record Holder, and Faris Al Sultan, the 2005 Ironman World Champion who has been racing in his Aqua Sphere wetsuit for two years.

As a division of Aqua Lung, the industry leaders in S.C.U.B.A. diving since 1948 and innovators of everything aquatic from snorkeling to swimming, Aqua Sphere carries on the legacy of advancing technology below the surface.

“We know water,” said Oliver Laguette, Director of Marketing for Aqua Sphere. “We’re not just about high-quality swimming masks – we’ve been dealing with neoprene wetsuits for over 50 years.”

A mainstay in triathlon wetsuits for the past 10 years, Ironman has built a reputation for dependable products. The new line will continue in this tradition – branded Ironman, but powered by Aqua Sphere’s cutting-edge technology.

The wetsuits will come in three classifications, Elite, Pro and Competitor, to cater to all levels of triathletes from beginner to world-class. They will be available in stores by December of 2008. More information will follow.

About Aqua Sphere
Aqua Sphere is the worldwide brand of choice for swimming gear, based on the highest industry standards of design and innovation. Launched in the mid-90’s as a division of diving industry leader Aqua Lung, Aqua Sphere is committed to supplying eye protection for dedicated or casual swimmers, enabling them to feel safe, comfortable and at home in the water. The company’s numerous innovations include the Seal, the first swim mask featuring 180° vision and Kaiman, the first panoramic goggle. For more information, call (800) 775-3483, or log onto to www.aquasphereswim.com.