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New Speedo Fillable Pull Buoy

speedo fillable pull buoyIf you are looking for a training device for developing endurance and upper body strength for the swim portion of your triathlon event here is something new to check out. Speedo has introduced a new, technically advanced pull buoy flotation device for use in your swimming training drills.

"A pull buoy is a foam flotation device that is placed between a swimmer's legs to provide support while practicing different strokes. It is used to elevate the legs and properly position the body in the water. Pull buoys allow swimmers to focus on their arm movements and build upper body strength. The pull buoy should be positioned between the upper thighs, near the crotch, for proper body alignment." [via eHow]

The new Speedo Fillable Pull Buoy has a unique feature of variable buoyancy to suit different training drills. The variable buoyancy is done by filling the pull buoy with water to vary the flotation and drag. The variable buoyancy in the pull buoy promotes proper body position during key swim strength training sets.

The pull buoy has transparent sides with measuring points to allow accurate water measurements to achieve the buoyancy. The contoured shape and neoprene cushion sides provide added comfort, non-slip properties and a streamlined fit during use.

In general training pull buoys are a great training tool for swimmers and triathletes. When used properly a pull buoy can increase your strength and endurance for your next triathlon swim.

Speedo Fillable Pull Buoy - MSRP: $19.99
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