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Zipp Introduces PowerTap Discs Wheels

zipp powertap discZipp and CycleOps Power have partnered to introduce the first and fastest disc wheels with PowerTap technology. PowerTap is the leading power measurement technology in cycling. It measures torque/velocity 60x per second and is scientifically accurate (+/-1.5%).

Zipp will offers the PowerTap technology on three disc wheels, the Sub-9 Disc, the 900 Tubular Disc and the 900 Clincher Disc. PowerTap equipped disc wheels add only 120 grams to each disc with no compromises in strength, stiffness, or aerodynamic performance.

Zipp Sub9 Tubular PowerTap Disc (700c)
The Sub-9 is the first disc to achieve negative drag in the wind tunnel (-80 grams of drag at 15 degrees of yaw) when paired with the Zipp Tangente Tire. The toroidal bulge creates a more comfortable and compliant ride. MSRP for Sub-9 with Wireless PowerTap and pro pack: $3,500 USD

Zipp 900 Tubular PowerTap Disc (700c or 650c)
1070 grams of pure speed. This tubular flat disc was one of Zipp’s original products from 1998. Since then it’s been reinvented several times and it keeps getting faster. It has the famous dimples to keep air attached for 3 more degrees of yaw, giving you reduced drag when compared to most spoked wheels. MSRP for 900 with Wireless PowerTap and pro pack: $3,100 USD

Zipp 900 Clincher Disc (700c)
The first disc to take into account the specific rim geometry required to capture and adhere airflow behind the tire. The bulge side-walls give a comfortable ride that is greatly appreciated after hours in the saddle. MSRP for 900 Clincher with Wireless PowerTap and pro pack: $3,300 USD

For additional information visit the Zipp website. For additional information on the PowerTap technology visit the CycleOps PowerTap web page.
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