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USA Triathlon Rules Active-Spoke Legal

Skaneateles, NY (February 19, 2008) - Today, USA Triathlon (USAT) commissioner of officials, Charlie Crawford, communicated to Tarryan Technologies LLC, the holding company of Active‐Spoke.com, that he had completed his review of the Active‐Spoke product and stated that “Based upon all the information on your Web site and upon my discussion with a scientist at MIT, I find that the Active‐Spoke kit when used on a bicycle wheel as directed, does not violate any of the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules and is legal for use in events sanctioned by USA Triathlon.”

"We are extremely thankful to the USAT for their professional and diligent manner during the review process and are proud to be a part of the triathlon community," said Russ Kalil, CEO of Tarryan Technologies LLC. "It is said that innovation is the life blood of any industry. Clearly, the USAT's openminded and objective review process will encourage inventors within our sport and industry. For us, we are delighted to be able to enter the market with the confidence that athletes cannot only train, but also race with our Active‐Spoke product under the USAT rules."

Due to heightened interest in Active Spoke product performance, their web site recently released summary data including power, speed, split times and weather conditions from their formal field trials conducted in Boulder, CO in 2007.

About Active-Spoke
Developed to achieve optimal performance for both competitive and leisure cyclists at all ability levels, Active‐Spoke is a bicycle wheel add‐on that can be applied to most rear wheels. Active‐Spoke dynamically shifts weights along the spoke of a wheel at specific speeds, and the resulting affect provides a wheel that has weight at the hub during a climb and weight at the rim during a descent. The product features multiple weight sets and springs that can be installed and configured by the rider based on their ability level and the contours of the course. Developed by Tarryan Technologies, LLC, classic downhill free wheel tests showed that Active‐Spoke outperforms an equivalent standard wheel. Additional information and product sales can be found at active-spoke.com.

About Tarryan Technologies LLC
Based in Skaneateles, NY, Tarryan Technologies focuses on Intellectual Property (IP) asset development and licensing, including the patent pending technology used for Active‐Spoke. Formed in 2007, Tarryan Technologies is composed of a team of professionals focused on the application of IP assets within the cycling market including cyclists, coaches and leading collegiate researchers. More information can be found at active-spoke.com.
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