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Have a Fast Bike Split? then try the $10,000 DKT Challenge

Could you use and extra $800, how about and extra $10,000? Well, if you think you are fast on the bike then here is a challenge for you.

Gear West Bike & Triathlon here in MN, who recently was awarded the Best Multisport Shop in the country by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News believes in local pro triathlete David Thompson’s cycling ability so much that they are opening up his performance bonuses to everyone who races against him. Athletes with the fastest official bikes split in the 5 world class races listed below will receive an $800 prime. If an athlete has the fastest official bike split in all 5 races he will receive a $6,000 bonus. The challenge is called the $10,000 DKT Challenge.

Who is DKT or David Kennedy Thompson? Well, he's a Minnesota native who's in his 5th year as a pro triathlete. He graduated from MIT. He's down to earth and sure knows how to ride fast on his Litespeed Saber titanium bike. He's not always the first one out of the water, but don't worry he'll pass you like a bat out hell on his bike soon after. I've seen him, he's FAST! His accolades last year included setting new bike split records at Escape from Alcatraz and the Life Time Fitness Triathlon. You can read more about him on his website: www.thompsontri.com

DKT's 2007 Season Highlights:
  • Powerman Alabama: Win
  • Bradenton 101: Win
  • Escape from Alcatraz: 6th overall (Fastest Bike Split (new record))
  • Clear Lake 101: Win
  • Philadelphia Tri: 3rd overall (Fastest Bike Split)
  • Life Time Fitness Triathlon: 6th overall (Fastest Bike Split (new record))
  • Racine Half: Win (New Course Record and Fastest Bike Split)
  • 5430 Half: Win (New Course Record and Fastest Bike Split)
  • Pigman Half: Win (New Course Record and Fastest Bike Split)
  • Chicago Triathlon: 3rd Overall
  • Cancun 70.3: 2nd Overall

Schedule for the $10,000 DKT Challenge:
  • Escape From Alcatraz - June 8th
  • Life Time Fitness Triathlon - July 12th
  • Spirit of Racine - July 25th
  • Accenture Chicago Triathlon - August 24th
  • Toyota US Open Triathlon - October 12th

Official Rules:
- Checks are paid by Gear West Bike & Triathlon and will be issued within 14 days of the release of official results.
- Bike split is based on the final and official results published by the race.
- Athlete must participate in all 3 events of the race.
- Relay teams and team members are not eligible.
- Athlete must be an official entrant.
- Athlete must be an official finisher.
- Athletes disqualified from the event for any reason are not eligible for the bonus.
- All athletes must be racing on the same course.
- Athletes called for drafting will not be eligible for the bonus. See www.usatriathlon.org for rules on drafting.
- If an athlete tests positive for illegal drugs, bonus(s) will be forfeited.
- “Questionable” results will be reviewed with the race organizers and timing service to verify.

- Run split of the bike split winner must be within 25% of the fastest run split of the day. This challenge is on good faith to highlight the talents of triathletes, not for an athlete to simply “sandbag” the swim and run to try and get the fastest bike split. For instance if the fastest run is 32 minutes the athlete would need to run under 40 minutes. If the fastest run is 75 minutes the run would need to be 1:33:45 to be eligible for the bonus.

Sponsors of the $10,000 DKT Challenge:
- Gear West Bike & Triathlon
- Inside Triathlon
- Litespeed
- Zipp
- Speedo
- Giro Helmets
- Continental Tires

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