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New Hot Drinks for Cold Weather Athletes from Clif Bar

Clif Bar has two new products if your triathlon off-season or base building workouts take you outside this winter. Recognizing the specific nutrition needs of winter athletes, the company expanded its CLIF SHOT brand specifically creating hydration and recovery drinks that target the unique needs of cold weather athletes with flavors that match the season. You still need to stay hydrated and replenish your body this winter, that’s why they have introduced their all-new CLIF SHOT Hot Electrolyte and Recovery beverages. Now we have hot drinks for warming up, hydrating and refueling before, during or after cold a cold winter workout.

CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hot Apple Cider - Warm up and hydrate yourself on those icy-cold days with CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hot Apple Cider. Unlike coffee or tea, this sports drink has the perfect blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates to fuel your chilly adventure. One self-serve packet mixed with hot water makes 16 oz. of Hot Apple Cider. Contains 97% Organic Ingredients. (MSRP: $1.50)

CLIF SHOT Recovery Hot Chocolate - Now cold weather athletes can recover in a new way. CLIF SHOT Recovery Hot Chocolate is the ideal blend of protein, carbohydrates and amino acids to aid in muscle repair and hydration immediately following cold weather endurance activities. One self-serve packet mixed with hot water makes 8 oz. of Hot Chocolate. Contains 87% Organic Ingredients. (MSRP: $1.70)

The next time you workout take you outside when it’s below freezing you might want to try a
Clif Shot hot beverage before, during or after your workout to keep your body well hydrated during or to help your body recover faster afterwards.

The CLIF SHOT products are made to quickly deliver lasting energy to athletes on-the-go during or after a race. CLIF SHOT Electrolyte and Recovery Hot drinks will be available at sports retail stores nationally, as well as online at www.clifbar.com.