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New Speed Training Fin from Speedo

If you are looking to improve your swim times in shorter distance triathlon races Speedo has introduced a new swim fin designed for speed training. In general training fins are a great training tool for swimmers and triathletes.

The short blade hydrodynamic fin design balances propulsive force while maintaining kicking tempo while the convex blade curvature and pass through vents promote optimum speed and six beat kick when training. The blade curvature and ridges create more pressure on the upkick creating balanced propulsion and muscle work. The open heal design offers greater ankle flexibility and comfort and it's lightweight and pliable footbed material provides an ideal fit and comfort.

• S = Green (mens sizes 4-6)
• M = Blue (mens sizes 7-9)
• L = Grey (mens sizes 10-12)
• XL = Black (mens sizes 13-15)

Speedo Speed Training Fin - MSRP: $39.99

other speedo speed training fin colors