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Kemper and Ertel Capture Wins in San Francisco Amid Oil Spill

As the saying goes "The Show Must Go On" and so it did at the San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island despite the 58,000-gallon oil spill that hit San Francisco Bay on Thursday. On Friday Tri-California officials, the United States Coast Guard, and city officials determined that the water conditions off Treasure Island were unsafe to proceed with the swim leg portion of the event for the San Francisco Triathlon. The Olympic distance triathlon on Saturday was actually modified to Duathlon consisting of a 6.5km Run, 40km Bike, 10km.

Despite the unfortunate mess in the bay and the added extra run leg Hunter Kemper and Julie Ertel raced to victories. In conjunction with their victory each captured the overall title in the USA Triathlon's Haul to the Great Wall series.

2007 San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island Results:

     Women          Men  
1 - Julie Ertel 2:08:47    1 - Hunter Kemper 1:54:18
2 - Sarah Haskins 2:09:44    2 - Jarrod Shoemaker 1:55:28
3 - Jillian Petersen 2:09:52    3 - Derek Kite 1:56:07
4 - Sarah Groff 2:10:40    4 - Victor Plata 1:56:12
5 - Justine Whipple 2:11:25    5 - Mark Fretta 1:56:20

The Haul to the Great Wall Series is in its third year and allows triathletes and spectators to get their first look at who might be competing at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. The 2007 series consisted of five triathlon races with more than $800,000 in prize money up for grabs.
- Honolulu Triathlon
- Hy-Vee Triathlon
- Musselman Triathlon
- Great Colorado Triathlon
- Treasure Island Triathlon

The overall series men’s and women's champions will each receive $6,000.

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