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Top Amateur Triathletes Compete for Championship Title

The country's top 100 amateur triathletes competed this past weekend at the 3rd Annual "Best of the U.S." Amateur Triathlete National Championship. This year’s triathlon championship race took place in Winter Haven, Florida at the Publix Family Fitness Weekend. The top 50 male and female amateurs from each state earned the right to compete by winning their state's qualifier race.

The competition shines the spotlight on the talent-rich field of amateur men and women from around the country and brings them together to compete against each other and as a team representing their home state.

The International distance triathlon championship race consisted of a 1 mile Swim, 24.8 mile Bike, 6.2 mile Run. Philippe Kozub of Maryland and Katie Ellis of Arizona are this year’s top amateurs and "Best of the U.S." National Champions. The team of Mark Harms and Cynthia Bannink of Wisconsin earn the "Best of the U.S." National Team Title. The combined time of the states representatives was used to determine the team results.

2007 Best of the U.S. National Championship Results:

     Women          Men  
1 - Katie Ellis (Arizona) 2:09:23    1 - Philippe Kozub (Maryland) 1:56:54
2 - Kim Webster (Massachusetts) 2:09:31    2 - Scott Myers (Ohio) 1:57:46
3 - Cathy Yndestad (Minnesota) 2:09:33    3 - Mark Harms (Wisconsin) 1:59:33
4 - Cindi Bannink (Wisconsin) 2:12:00    4 - Rob Webster, Jr. (Washington) 1:59:41
5 - Amanda Pagon (Virginia) 2:13:07    5 - Craig Greenslit (Colorado) 2:00:04
1 - Team Wisconsin 4:11:34    ( Mark Harms / Cynthia Bannink )  
2 - Team Arizona 4:13:30    ( Cam Hill / Katie Ellis )  
3 - Team Virginia 4:14:08    ( Kelly Williamson / Amanda Pagon )  
4 - Team Ohio 4:14:21    ( Scott Myers / Andrea Myers )  
5 - Team Minnesota 4:14:36    ( Jeremy Sartain / Cathy Yndestad )  

For more results and coverage of the Best of the U.S. triathlon race in Florida check out the Best of the U.S. website (www.bestoftheustriathletes.com).

Each year from April through August triathletes can compete in their state's designated sprint or international distance qualifying race. The top male and female winners will be named Best of Their State and will be invited to compete at the Best of the U.S. National Championship.

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