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Macca and Wellington Win Ironman World Championship Titles

"I have achieved everything I have ever dreamed for in this sport except one and that is Ironman Hawaii success. I will never stop believing it is possible and will pursue this dream with commitment and passion like I have everything else in my career. People love to tell you things are not possible and criticise commitment. I want to show my children that dreaming is great and by being brave and having the courage to pursue those dreams is what life is all about. Some people will always criticise you for this approach but that is because they lack the courage to chase and to dream. I will never stop believing and will encourage my children and others to live the same way. It has been fulfilling for me."

After several years of trying and being really close, Macca finally does it today winning the 2007 Ironman World Championship! McCormack looked strong running down Alii Drive as the crowds cheered for him on his way to the finish line. It seemed as though everything went his way today. He was down almost nine and a half minutes to Torbjorn Sindballe at T2 and was able to make up six and a half minutes by mile 10 on the run, he eventually passed Chris Lieto for the lead a couple of miles later and never looked back. He finished 3 minutes and thirty seconds ahead of fellow Aussie Craig Alexander who was making his Ironman World Championship debut.

During his post race interview at the finish line Macca stated "I have dreamed of this moment for 20 years. I gave up the Olympics for this."

It was a strange day in Kona, the live Ironman coverage almost never happened because of power outages on the island disrupted internet service. Faris Al-Sultan of Germany pulled out of the race due to a stomach virus. The rematch that was hyped never really happened as rumors of Normann Stadler being sick circulated, it was then pretty much confirmed when he pulled out of the race half way into the bike course. Later on Luke Bell and Cameron Brown pulled out, Bell was having issues with his knew and it wasn't clear as why Brown pulled out. On the women's side, defending champ Michellie Jones and former champ Natascha Badmann were forced to pull out of the race at some point in to the bike course. Badmann had an accident with a cone and hurt her shoulder / collarbone; she attempted to get back into the race but eventually pulled out. It not 100% clear as why Jones pulled out, it was stated she had an accident during training that perforated eardrum and that could be the cause.

On the women's side the title was up for grabs once Jones and Badmann dropped out of race. At mile 95 of the bike it was a close battle between Leanda Cave, Dede Griesbauer and Chrissie Wellington with Kate Major and Katja Schumacher close behind. Several miles later unknown and under the radar Wellington took the lead and held it going into T2. Going out on the run Wellington held a two minute forty four second lead on Dede Griesbauer. Five miles into the run Samantha McGlone had moved up to 2nd place behind Wellington who now had a four minute fifty second lead. From there Wellington continued her surge increasing her lead to over six minutes over McGlone who was making her Ironman and Ironman World Championship debut. From there Wellington held on strong and gave Britain its first Ironman title with the win, five minutes ahead of second place finisher Samantha McGlone.

The story behind Wellington is amazing, this is from a blog post on the teamTBB site which she is part of:

The fourth and last, but definitely not least of teamTBB's girls headed to Kona this weekend, is our back door qualifier, Chrissie Wellington, who it could be said is gate crashing the 2007 Kona party, but could steal the show.

Little did we know that they had the inside scoop. In 2006 she was the world age group championship in Lausanne. In February of 2007 she decided to turn pro. In August of 2007 she won her first Ironman title with her first place finish at Ironman Korea. Also in August she took first place at the Triathlon de l'Alpe d'Huez. And today in Kona eight months after turning pro she became the 2007 Ironman World Champion.

During her post race interview at the finishing line she stated: "I went out and gave it all I had and more today"

2007 Ironman World Championship Results:

     Women          Men  
1 - Chrissie Wellington 9:08:45    1 - Chris McCormack 8:15:34
2 - Samantha McGlone 9:14:04    2 - Craig Alexander 8:19:04
3 - Kate Major 9:19:13    3 - Torbjorn Sindballe 8:21:30
4 - Joanna Lawn 9:26:47    4 - Timothy DeBoom 8:22:33
5 - Rebecca Preston 9:26:55    5 - Marino Vanhoenacker 8:23:31
6 - Rebekah Keat 9:27:19    6 - Chris Lieto 8:25:49
7 - Dede Griesbauer 9:33:34    7 - Eneko Llanos 8:26:00
8 - Leanda Cave 9:36:10    8 - Luc Van Lierde 8:30:01
9 - Belinda Granger 9:37:54    9 - Michael Lovato 8:33:28
10 - Erika Csomor 9:39:47    10 - Patrick Vernay 8:35:10

On the amateur side, Alex Mroszczyk-McDoanld was the first Age Group finisher today in Kona. This is on top of his first place finish at Ironman Lake Placid.