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Triathlon Training or Race Day Hydration Gear

Here are a couple of products to help you stay hydrated this summer while it's hot out during your training or longer distance races. These triathlon related products are unique in the sense that they offer dual chambers for you to store a mix of products.

Swigz Dual-Chamber Sports Bottle

Here is a new 24oz dual-chamber water bottle just released. The Swigz Dual-Chamber Sports Bottle features two independent 12oz intertwined chambers with corresponding dual color coded sport tops. You can use it to store any combination of drinks, for example water on one side and your favorite electrolyte replacement drink on the other side or a pre-workout drink on one side and your recovery drink on the other. No matter what combination you mix, you'll have what you need to stay out on the road. The Swigz sport bottles are made from durable and recyclable materials, and are designed to fit all standard bike bottle cages. Get your SWIGZ Endurance Dual Hydration Sports Bottle (MSRP: $14.95) at Amazon.com or GoldsGear.com.

PodiumQuest Hydration System

If you you need more than 24oz of fluid to stay hydrated on your ride then you might want to check out the PodiumQuest Hydration System. This 50oz water bottle unit is designed to slide on to your aero bars. It's a double chamber water bottle unit that has a 23oz upper chamber and a 27oz lower chamber which is the equivalent of 2 normal sized water bottles. Like the Swigz water bottle, this unit allows you to have your favorite mixture of fluids on your bike whether it's a training or race day. Each fluid compartment has a separate straw that extends for drinking. The unit is translucent so you can see your fluid levels at all times. You can buy this product directly from CEE GEES (MSRP: $46.95).

GEL-BOT Water Bottle with an Integrated Gel Flask

Here is a unique product that showed up on the market last year. It's called the GEL-BOT and again it's a dual chambered product, but instead of holding a mix of fluids it holds your favorite fluid in one chamber and your favorite energy gel in the other. The GEL-BOT is easy to use while riding your bike or even out running. Just squeeze the bottle with the valve pushed in to get gel out or pull the valve out and squeeze to get water, just like a regular water bottle. The "ENERGY-CORE" as they call it can hold 3.2oz of gel while the water bottle compartment will hold 24oz of fluid. Now you don't have to worry about littering while you’re out training or racing and eating your energy gel on the go. The Gel-Bot Water Bottle is a perfect choice for us endurance athletes. If you can't find this product at your favorite bike shop then get it direct from ventureDESIGNworks online store (MSRP: $15.95).

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    Great to see the water bottles
    where we can use it to store any combination of drinks, for example water on one side and your favorite electrolyte replacement drink on the other side

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    I've been developing a new product to help runners carry water on their biceps, sort of like how people carry the iPod. It's called The Body Bottle - http://www.bodybottle.com . I thought you might be interested as it is primarily for people who run distance.

    If you check it out, do let me know your thoughts.