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Triathlon Hydration Tips from Coach Joe

In the sport of triathlon and others sports, hydration is key especially in the hot days of summer. Our performance and well being is directly related to how well we replenish our body with fluids. In my previous post "Triathlon Training or Race Day Hydration Gear" I talked about specific gear you can use while you are out training or racing to keep yourself hydrated. The post did not talk about what you should do to keep yourself well hydrated, like what you should drink, how much should you drink and so on. There are is a lot of information out there, but sometimes it just too technical for the average triathlete to follow.

The Running Wild with Coach Joe blog has put together a simple, non-technical, list that covers the basics of hydration. Here is preview of the "Ten things runners and triathletes need to know about hydration" post, make sure to check out his post for the rest of the list:

1. You need to be well hydrated before you start your run or workout. If you start partially dehydrated, it only gets worse from there.

Ten things you need to know about hydration [via Running Wild with Coach Joe]

Joe English is the author of the Running Wild blog as well as Head Coach of American Endurance Sports Coaching and the Team in Training Marathon Program in Portland, Oregon. He is also the running coach for the Portland Triathlon Club. He is also an expert level marathon runner and triathlete and also runs ultra-marathons.