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XTERRA training tips from 3-time World Champion Melanie McQuaid

If you missed this past weekend’s TV coverage of the XTERRA World Championship then you missed seeing Melanie blow away the pro women's competition with a commanding eight minute lead over second place finisher Danelle Kabush. With this win Melanie McQuaid becomes the first pro male or female to win the XTERRA World Championship triathlon title three times. An amazing accomplishment if you’ve seen the brutal bike and run course this race has. This was one of the quotes she had in the XTERRA World Championship press release on ww.xterraplanet.com.

"Today all the preparation I put in during the last month came together and I felt like when I asked my body to do something it responded," said McQuaid

Trifuel has a new article posted in which Melanie offers her top 10 tips for XTERRA success. Here is preview of what she has to say in the article:

10. Start a swim program
Starting a swim program means enrolling yourself in coached practices. Because swimming is such an incredibly technical sport, hacking out miles and miles with a bad stroke is not as effective as less distance with more efficiency. You need someone to help you improve your stroke mechanics first and foremost, so enlist the experts at your local pool, YMCA or triathlon club.

Article [via Trifuel]

XTERRA is a series of off-road triathlon races which includes swimming, mountain biking, and trail running. A typical race consist of a 1.5km Swim, 30km Mountain bike, 11km Trail Run.