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New training series DVD from Coach Troy Jacobson, StrEndurance (strength + endurance)

StrEndurance DVD Training for a triathlon whether it's a sprint or iron-distance race should include more than just working on our Swim, Bike and Run skills, it should include Strength and Conditioning training. Often times this element is absent in our routine due to the amount of time we spend focusing on swimming, biking or running and/or the on a lack of time in our schedule. Now Coach Troy Jacobson has a solution for us with a new DVD series.  StrEndurance 1.0 - 12 Week Strength Development Program for Endurance Athletes

This workout DVD contains SIX workouts or 'phases' to be done over a 12-week period in addition to a maintenance routine for when the ‘build’ phase is completed. Workouts are short (20-30 minutes), high intensity and include basic exercises like push ups, crunches, squats, etc. These exercises are designed to increase your muscular strength and endurance

You will need the following workout accessories to do the workouts:
   • Floor mat
   • Dumbbells
   • Stabilty ball

Visit www.spinervals.com to order your copy of this new DVD from Coach Troy Jacobson. MSRP: $39.95