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Triathlon Training Camps

triathlon training image Did you make a triathlon related New Year's resolution, like to compete in your first triathlon, or achieve a podium finish, or decide to tackle a new distance this year? If so, then here is an idea to help you achieve your resolution, check out a Triathlon Training Camp. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, valuable insight can be gained by attending a triathlon camp or clinic. Reading a training book is only so good. Attending a training camp gets you hands-on coaching, feedback on your form or technique and the ability to ask questions on the spot. Besides, they offer a way to meet new friends that share the same passion for the sport of triathlon and learn from their experiences.

Training camps vary in length; typically they are 2 - 6 days. They are offered by an experienced coach or a set of coaches or a company that has specific ties to triathlon. All types of training camps are offered, like race specific camps that are geared to a specific race, for example Ironman Arizona. There are training camps that focus on training for a actual triathlon distance, from a sprint to an iron distance race. Then there are skill level camps for beginners to elites, women only camps and specific only camps that focus on a particular element involved in triathlon, like swimming, biking or running. Some camps even have special Pro Triathletes as guest trainers.

Here are some of the companies providing triathlon training camps in 2007.

Multisports.com (link)
Multisports.com offers 3 to 6 day training camps from Ironman Camps to weekend Technical Camps. The curriculum varies in focus from skill / technique to training / fitness orientations for all levels of athletes.
• Wind Tunnel Camp - San Diego, California, United States
  February 6, 2007, February 12, 2007, March 30, 2007, April 1, 2007
• San Diego Winter Camp - Encinitas, California, United States
  February 7 - 11, 2007
• Ironman Arizona Camp - Tempe, Arizona, United States
  February 23 - 25, 2007 (7-weeks prior to race day)
• Ironman Coeur d'Alene Camp - Coeur d'Alene Idaho, United States
  April 27 - 29, 2007 (8-weeks prior to race day)
• Ironman USA Camp - Lake Placid, New York, United States
  June 1 - 3, 2007 (7-weeks prior to race day)
• Ironman Canada Camp - Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
  June 15 - 17, 2007 (10-weeks prior to race day)
• Wisconsin Ironman Camp - Madison Wisconsin, United States
  July 13 - 15, 2007 (8-weeks prior to race day)
• Ironman Florida Training Camp - Panama City, Florida, United States
  September 14 - 16, 2007

ePerformance USA (link)
ePerformance offers camps for triathletes of all skill levels, from sprint to long distances. Some camps are more technical or skill oriented, while others are endurance based. Each participant receives a professional bike fit, swim, bike, and run fitness assessments, as well as informative seminars.
• TriFitness Winter Triathlon Performance Camp - Clermont, Florida, United States
  January 26 - 28, 2007 (Camp is open to both beginner and intermediate triathletes)
• PowerCranks Triathlon Camp - San Marcos, Texas, United States
  March 2 - 4, 2007 (Camp focuses on mastering the PowerCranks training tool)
• ePerformance Triathlon Training Camp - Clermont, Florida, United States
  March 16 - 25, 2007 (Camp focuses on training volume for the 2007 triathlon season)
• Cadence Triathlon Camp - Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States
  April 13 - 22, 2007 (Camp focuses on training volume for the 2007 triathlon season)
• PowerCranks Triathlon Camp - San Rafael, California, United States
  April 27 - 29, 2007 (Camp focuses on mastering the PowerCranks training tool)
• ePerformance Triathlon Technical Camp - Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  May 4 - 6, 2007 (Camp focuses on technical assessment for triathlon)
• Patriot Half Iron Triathlon Training Camp - Freetown, Massachusetts, United States
  May 11 - 13, 2007 (Training camp specifically designed for participants in the Patriot Half Iron)
• ePerformance Europe Triathlon Technical Camp - Coburg, Germany
  May 18 - 20, 2007 (Camp focuses on technical assessment for triathlon)
• ePerformance Triathlon Training Camp - Bellingham, Washington, United States
  May 18 - 20, 2007

TriChic (link)
TriChic, a company dedicated to female triathletes, has their TriChic Triathlon Camps for women only. Participants receive in-depth swim, bike, run, and transitions training, professional coaching and seminars and all specific to women triathletes.
• Florida TriChic Triathlon Training Camp - St. Petersburg, FL
  February 22 - 25, 2007 (Camp for any Sprint or Olympic Distance Triathlon)
• California Wine Country TriChic Triathlon Training Camp - Windsor, California, United States
  April 26 - 29, 2007 (Camp for any Olympic to Half Distance Triathlon)
• TriChic Washington Lake Stevens Triathlon Training Camp - Everett, Washington, United States
  May 17 - 20, 2007 (Camp for Beginner to Intermediate Olympic to Half distance Triathletes)
• TriChic "Aloha" Race Strategy - Kona, Hawaii, United States
  May 30 - June 1, 2007 (Camp offers pre-race strategy tips and coaching)
• TriChic High Altitude Training Camp - Boulder, Colorado, United States
  July 12 - 15, 2007 (Camp for Intermediate Triathletes training for Olympic, Half or Full distance races)
• TriChic Seattle Triathlon Camp - Seattle, Washington, United States
  August 2-5th, 2007 (Camp for all levels preparing for a Sprint, Olympic, or Half distance Triathlon)

LifeSport (link)
LifeSport by Lance Watson training sessions include open water swimming, riding and hill climbing, transitions, running drills and pacing for athletes of all levels. Includes seminars on training progressions, nutrition, racing strategies and more with sessions featuring special guest World-Class Pro Triathletes. An option to race in the renowned Lavaman triathlon.
• Lava Camp - Kona, Hawaii, United States
  April 3 - 5, 2007 (Experience the Hawaii Ironman course first hand)
• Lavaman Women’s Only Triathlon Clinic - Kona, Hawaii, United States
  March 29, 2007 (Seminar is designed specifically for women and will give tips for the Lavaman Triathlon)
• LavaKids Triathlon Clinic - Kona, Hawaii, United States
  March 30, 2007 (Camp will feature everything a young athlete should know about triathlon)

Mid-Atlantic Multisport (link)
Mid-Atlantic Multisport’s Triathlon Boot Camps will help you build your endurance base and teach you how to get the most out of your training by combining informative classroom time with supervised group training sessions.
• Triathlon Boot Camp for Beginners - West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
  March 23 - 25, 2007 (For individuals who are new to the sport or want a refresher on the basics)
• Triathlon Boot Camp for Experienced Athletes - West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
  March 30 - April 1, 2007 (For individuals having a solid endurance base plus one or more years of racing experience)

Other companies that offer Triathlon Camps or have Swim, Bike or Run specific camps:
• Carmichael Training Systems (link)
• Spinervals (link)
• TriSwim Coach (link)

Here is an idea, incorporate the camp as part of a vacation or turn it into a mini-training-vacation away from home.