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SaltStick named as Official Electrolyte Capsule and Dispenser for 6 Ironman and two 70.3 Ironman Races in North America

Newbury Park, CA – January 10, 2007 - SaltStick™ , innovative electrolyte capsules and dispensers based on solid science and sound engineering, have been named as the Official Electrolyte Capsule and Dispenser of North America Sports™ Inc., organizers of 6 Ironman™ and two 70.3 races for 2007. SaltStick™ dispensers provide “on the go” dispensing for easy ingestion of electrolytes.

SaltStick™ Caps have been formulated to provide a quantity of electrolyte salts that athletes need, in a form that the body can absorb, to help with the muscle cramping and heat stress involved in endurance events. SaltStick™ dispensers are water-resistant and fit inside most bicycle handlebars or mounted externally with a versatile clip that is also effective on hydration belts.

Jonathan Toker, Ph.D. chemist and President of Toker Engineering LLC, inventor of SaltStick™ products, confirms that the SaltStick™ dispensers and capsules have been used successfully by top professional athletes worldwide, including the winners of the Ironman™ World Championship, Ironman™ Japan, Coeur D’Alene, Western Australia, Canada, Korea, 70.3 Buffalo Springs, Canadian and Czech National Championships, and more. Notable international athletes currently using SaltStick™ products include Chris McCormack, Luke Bell, Jasper Blake, Heather Fuhr, Becky Lavelle, Petr Vabrousek, Joanna Zeiger, Lisbeth Kristensen, Andrew Johns and many others.

Over 20,000 athletes at the Ford Ironman Arizona, Subaru Ironman Canada, Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene, Ford Ironman Florida, Ford Ironman Lake Placid, Ford Ironman Wisconsin, Ford Ironman 70.3 California, Ford Ironman 70.3 Florida events will receive samples of SaltStick™ Caps in their race kits.

SaltStick™ products are sold through www.saltstick.com, at retailers, and distributed in the USA through Paceline Products, Inc.

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