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Outdoor Winter Running Shoes

Triathlon training outdoors in the winter can be a challenge for those of us who have to deal with snow and ice. It would be much easier for us to stay home and hibernate or make it to gym and use a treadmill, but that's no fun. Outdoor winter running can be refreshing, exhilarating, scenic and peaceful under most circumstances. The problem is we have many excuses not run outside in the winter besides the "it's too cold" excuse, like "the trails are snow packed but my feet are getting wet" to "the sidewalks are like an ice skating rink". Depending on the conditions, it can turn out to be a short run if you don't have the proper equipment to stay warm, dry and accident free. Here are a few options to look at for winter running shoes.

Brooks Adrenaline ASR IV [MSRP: $90.00]
This water resistant trail shoe features an aggressive outsole for rugged runs. A perfect fit for snowy or slushy conditions. The nylon upper fabric is treated with a durable water repellent that provides outstanding weather protection. The silicon-based cushioning system dynamically dampens the shock and stabilizes the foot. The outsole is made from a high-density carbon rubber for increased traction and durability. The shoes are lightweight, only 10.1 ounces for the women's version while the men's version weighs 11.9 ounces. Men's and Women's styles are available in a wide range of sizes.
Brooks Adrenaline ASR IV Brooks Adrenaline ASR IV Brooks Adrenaline ASR IV

adidas Winter Trainer [$110.00]
This is an exclusive item in the Sahalie catalog, an all-season outdoor retailer. These unisex water resistant trainers by adidas have several features that make it perfect for outdoor winter training. They are described in the catalog as a high performance, mid-cut running shoe with a water resistant, winterized gaiter made of waterproof material on the outside and a specialized sole made for the cold. The only shoe of it's kind, with deep traction grooves and rubber teeth that actually increase in grip the colder it gets. You'll be able to dig in and push off just as you would running on a clear summer day. Each shoe weighs 17.9 ounces and they come in 3 different colors: Blue, Merlot, Terra Cotta
adidas Winter Trainer Shoe adidas Winter Trainer Shoe

The North Face Ultra 103 XCR Trail-Running Shoes [MSRP: $110]
These lightweight and waterproof trail running shoes are perfect for all weather conditions. The Gore-Tex XCR waterproof, breathable membrane uppers keep the water out while the shock absorbing cushioning in the heel and the forefoot offer the ultimate in foot and joint protection. The UltraTAC Rubber Outsole traction system grips in wet and dry conditions. They offer a Men's and Women's style and they come in various sizes.
The North Face Ultra 103 XCR Trail-Running Shoes The North Face Ultra 103 XCR Trail-Running Shoes

ICEBUG MR4 DRY BUGrip [MSRP $139.95]
These Garmont shoes were designed for winter training, no doubt about it. These waterproof and breathable trail shoes offer carbide studded traction that turns the nightmare of running on wet or icy trails into a joy ride. Features include a reinforced protective toe cap, they come equipped for an attachment of gaiter, they offer a dry and comfortable micro-climate and the rubber outsole with smart BUGrip carbide studs grip on ice and retract on hard surfaces. The Men's Cobalt colored and Women's Cherry colored styles come in various sizes.

If you want to stay in your favorite pair of running shoes or don't want to spend any more money on another pair of running shoes then here are 2 gizmos to look at for outdoor winter running.

Yaktrax Pro [MSRP: $29.95]
A unique spikeless over your running shoes product that has steel coils wrapped around a rubber frame. The product stays attached to your shoes with a Velcro strap over the front of your shoes. It's lightweight so you'll barely feel the product once it's on. The company states that the Yaktrax Pro will give you better traction, confidence and safety on packed snow or ice with it's patented SkidLock coil design. It’s available in several sizes.
Yaktrax Pro

STABILicers SPORT [MSRP: $39.95]
A lightweight tension-fit binding that slips-on on over your running shoes that has traction tread and 8 case-hardened cleats circling the entire sole. It’s lightweight and holds securely to your running shoes while providing traction throughout your natural stride with heel and forefoot cleats. The traction tread sole and cleats contact the surface providing superior grip on ice, snow, rock, and pavement. It's comes with replacement cleats. Several sizes are available.